Security Services

Computer security is a growing issue. As the Internet connects our world, it also offers an onramp to bad guys. Security is much like a game of “Whack the Mole” and not “set and forget”. Malware, network breeches, viruses, Intellectual property theft, and corporate espionage are huge issues-ongoing issues.

We hear terms like, “Hardened” and “Sandboxed” and “Resistant”, those terms are a snapshot in time. What might be safe today, isn’t necessarily true tomorrow.

Greenwire Solutions has the experience and knowledge of keeping your business safe, yet flexible enough to perform the day to day critical operations. There’s no point to locking down systems so much that employees cannot perform their tasks.

Greenwire Solutions Security Reviews and Remediation focuses on:

  • General IT Security – confidence knowing your business is securely and accurately exchanging information
  • Control – non-repudiation methods of accountability for irresponsible actions
  • Assurance – monitoring and evaluating a systems infrastructure to behave predictably
  • Compliance – statutory and regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, PCI compliance, SEC regulations and legal archiving
  • Continuity – resilient technology operations to sustain business stability in the event of loss, sabotage or error

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