IT Services

Network Design & Implementation

To make your business run smoothly, you need an IT infrastructure that ensures a smooth workflow combined with a maximum ROI. Greenwire’s network design team can create elegant, customized network solutions for your company that not only suits your present IT needs, but can also be expanded, adjusted or refitted as your business grows and to accommodate future technological advancements – so you’re never behind the curve. But that’s not all – our implementation experts see it through with seamless integration into your existing network with little to no downtime. If we’re building your network from the ground up, you can rest assured that your business will be up and running – on time.

Disaster Recovery Planning & Implementation

As your business becomes more dependent on technology, you’ll find that your business runs faster, smoother and more efficiently than ever before. What you might not be aware of is that your business also becomes more vulnerable to an ever-growing list of catastrophes. Blackouts, natural disasters, corporate sabotage, hackers, terrorism – anything can happen at any time. That’s why Greenwire has developed its disaster recovery planning and implementation team. We’ll evaluate your entire IT infrastructure, and then give you a comprehensive recovery plan including backup routines, offsite archiving, encrypted Internet storage and, in the worst case scenario, recovering your company’s networks and data so you’re up and running in no time.

Litigation Support & Computer Forensics

If your client is involved in litigation, it’s important to obtain all the information you need to build a solid case. Greenwire’s computer forensics team has the legal, technological and professional expertise to discover, compile and make court-ready whatever data you require. We can investigate network connections, examine equipment, recover data, sift through email, and reconstruct encrypted or erased files. Our methods are legal, discrete and presentable in court. We hope you’ll never need to use Greenwire’s litigation support service – but if you do, we’re here to help you help your clients.

Project Management & IT Assessment

Roughly one in five of Greenwire’s customers comes to us when they see recurring IT problems – because they know we have the experience to offer the right solutions. Whether you employ an IT consultant or have an in-house IT staff, we can take an objective assessment of your situation. We understand the nuances of your IT staff, consultants and any projects you have in the pipeline. We’ll perform an in-depth evaluation of your IT structure, talk directly to the critical personnel and identify exactly where the problem is. Once we’ve done our in-depth evaluation, we’ll explain to you in plain English your company’s IT strengths, as well as where you can improve efficiency. We’ll also identify any obstacles you might have in achieving your IT goals, and suggest practical solutions that can get you back on track. Greenwire also offers superior IT project management services – so if you’re looking to upgrade your systems, introduce new programs or link with outside partners, we can see it through from start to finish – on time, within budget and without holding your productivity hostage. For a closer look at how Greenwire can help your business can implement tomorrow’s technology for success today, contact us today.

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